Sabi Pictures Facebook Fans: Thank You!

We recently received this FB message to Sabi from Saatha, a very young and talented fan of ours based in Bangkok, Thailand. Saatha is an amazing artist and animator, and he’s having to put on hold several of his creative endeavors for his mandatory service in the Thai national army. However, he’s going to let us know when he’s out and we hope to collaborate with Saatha in the near future. If you have a moment, check out some of his work. An amazingly gifted artist at such an early age. Hope the Army treats him well.


Here was his message to Sabi on Facebook. I don’t know how he found us, but every time a fan like Saatha that reached out to us like this — it really fills the well. We’re grateful to know each one of you is out there pursuing your own dreams and never get tired of hearing it. Here’s what he wrote:

dear Sabi

Hi kevin am a young artist in bangkok (Thailand) I just watching boss of me.

but that not a first movie of sabi I have seen I know your film only can watch on youtube six month ago. 
I can tell ‘ I love your film “ and love the way your like.

I not a rich man too but I have dream like sabi film this message is just some inspiration (if you feel like that) to your company.

Do you know your film makes me want to be a Director from young man in poverty country.

If you make movie from low budget but you not low I think you’re not the dead tree.

:D Sattha Saengton bankok Thailand.

The last line refers to an iconic moment from our web series Boss of Me where Bret Donovan is commenting on the Sabi Pictures logo, and suggests that we find something better than a dead tree. Saatha, like all of us, disagree with Bret…


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