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Kevin K. Shah

Personable, resourceful and keen creative content producer.

Produced several theatrical, home entertainment, digital and interactive campaigns for all of the major motion picture studios. Includes a variety of features, shorts, interactive and social media games, documentaries, branded entertainment, sizzles, international and home entertainment content, web videos and other ‘transmedia’​ endeavors.

Field produced ‘BTS’ content around the world for other projects such as: James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring’, Gus Van Sant’s ‘Milk’, George Clooney’s ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, Shyamalan’s ‘Lady in the Water’, De Niro’s ‘The Good Shepherd’, Ridley’s Scott’s ‘A Good Year’ to name a few. Most recently worked at 3AM producing original content for Ridley Scott’s The Martian.

Produced 7 independent feature films including 2 wrote and directed. Produced/directed several award-winning shorts at The Sabi Company (www.sabicompany.com). Creator and game designer for major motion picture franchises that include the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ BD-Live interactive video game “Liar’s Dice” and the Interactive menu experience known as “Enter the Maelstrom” (for Disney). Creator/Game Designer of the Facebook game “Become the Avatar” (for Paramount Interactive) as part of a larger transmedia marketing campaign.

Experienced in conceiving, pitching & executing ideas from concept to completion. Adept at working with high-profile interviews, clients & egos & creatives. Accomplished field producer, bay producer, director, writer, editor and sound designer.

Embraces new interactive technologies to complement our storytelling abilities in the creation of content. Loves collaboration and the artistic process. Truest nature is as a storyteller.

@kevinkshah on Twitter


Happier (2016) – writer, director, producer
Dead Bullet (2016) – executive producer
Lucid (2015) – co-writer, director, producer
Heart of Now (2011) – producer
White Knuckles (2011) – writer, director, producer
Boss of Me (2010) – webseries co-creator, director
Dust Request – A Last Will and Testament (2010) – director
A Short Film About Letting Go (2009) – executive producer
Blue in Green (2008) – co-producer, co-writer, co-director
A Falling Rock – writer, director, producer IN DEVELOPMENT
A Happy Medium – writer, director IN DEVELOPMENT
Bodie – co-writer, director IN DEVELOPMENT