Screenplay by Kevin K. Shah

By in Blog on November 25, 2014

These are the screenplays I’ve written solo or with a writing partner to date.

Lucid – (The Feature Film)
Sci-Fi / Horror
with Marion Kerr

A Falling Rock
Mystery / Crime / Thriller

Warm and Confused
Adult Comedy
with Patrick Meighan

White Knuckles (Produced at The Sabi Company)
Psychological Drama

Chasing Tail (A.K.A. Beast)
Action / Adventure / Creature
with Richard Shepherd

African-American, Music, Drama
with Peter Murray

Lone Tree Hill (My ‘honors’ M.F.A. Thesis from USC)
Turn of the Century Survival Story

A Sort of Homecoming (Winner of the IMHI Award)
Family Drama

Call it a Night
College Dramedy

Smuggler / Drama
Based of the book by Robert Sabaag
with Zak Forsman

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