Features: Janina Fahrenflucht Music by: Deklun Voice by: Stephanie Strobel Story by: Janina Fahrenflucht & Kevin K. Shah

About this Video & Janina:

I don’t know Janina’s last-name. She only gave me her name and her favorite band (Fahrenflucht). She had no other information, no email, no facebook, no cell. I met Janina for about 15 minutes while in Stuttgart, Germany for a screening of my film Dust Request at the Bollywood Film Festival. She was asking for change along-side the road in a shopping district. She asked me where I was from, and I told her California and why I was there. She told me that if she could ever make a movie, it would be about a young girl that doesn’t want to come home, “but wants her mum to understand she’s going though changes.”

I had a few minutes before I had to catch the bus back so I asked her if I could shoot her, and then later add a voice over about just that. I’m not sure she completely understood that this would be the result, but she was a natural in front of the camera and didn’t seem bothered by it at all. She felt like she had something genuine she wanted me to capture, and I hope I was able to.

We shot for about 2 minutes and the only direction I gave her was: “You are looking for your mother — and you think you keep seeing her everywhere.”

When I got back to the states and edited the video several months later – I passed it to Deklun to see what he could do in terms of music, tone, feeling. Then we passed it back and forth a few times where I revised picture (and slowed things down) based on what Deklun was doing. The music brought everything together for me.

Then another few months passed and I wrote the verses for the images and music. Afterwards, I had a good friend I met on the same trip in Germany (Stephanie Strobel) translate it, and record the voice over herself in Garage Band.

It’s in the form of an answering machine message, which Janina is leaving for her ‘mum’. Based on the story Janina gave me. I thought it’s better out there than on a drive – if you know her, let her know this video exists?

Mother of Infinite Charity

Note: This is the second in the “Mother of” series, and follows the short I made with Kunuk Groenwald in Illulisat Greenland called Mother of Infinite Dreams.