INDIE THRILLERS: 3 Things you Likes about Thrillers and 3 Things you Dislike.

As we’re continuing to develop Falling Rock at Sabi Pictures, we’re looking to our fans and audiences for creative input and interaction, in hopes to better guide the creative team  as we embark together across multiple media platforms to tell this story.

We’d love to begin by asking you to contribute to the following list (please add your own).  We are particularly interested in your Dislikes, so as to avoid them with Falling Rock – a Thriller.

For Example, my responses: 

3 Things You like about Thrillers.

 1. Thrillers can make me feel real FEAR in thinking the worst, while HOPING for the best.

2. Thrillers can deeply explore the darker side of the human condition.

3. Thrillers can stay with me long after the film is over through the experience of suspense.

 3 Things You don’t like about Thrillers.

 1.  Thrillers that exploit violence gratuitously, unrealistically, and sadistically – causing trauma and diminishing of our capacity to empathize with real suffering.

2.  Thrillers devoid of any real meaning, hope, or possibility of redemption.

3.  Thrillers that use effects, music and shock-editing to manipulate its audience into thrills rather than suspense, mystery, and a willing suspension of horror & disbelief.


I would love to read your list!  

Please reach me here, or on Facebook or @drmental