Every Producer, Director, Crew member, Actor and artist has their own rules for how they make a film, whether it’s a short, music video, or indie feature film. In an effort to compile and share these snack-sized tidbits of Wisdom, please respond with your own tips for other Filmmakers like you that are simply trying to tell the story they have in their head.

Excerpted from my evolving journal:


1. Be selective in who you Crew. Make sure all that come in for the interview or second interview understand what you are trying to do and have a legit reason for wanting to contribute to the show. Do not hire any crew that “want to be an actor” unless of course they lie to you and don’t tell you right away, which happens.


2. They are your family. Pay them first with money. They are your crew, pay them second with amazing Food – as much as the budget might allow. Good food and snacks, meat but mostly vegetarian if possible until the point of rebellion, healthy high energy snacks and popcorn always available. Popcorn every day. The smell alone is worth a thousand words and this is the movies.


3. If they look good they way they look & the director is happy – have the Actors do their own make-up. The time it saves, saves a production and make-up can get complicated. Natural is a better look in general esp. with HD


4. Have a full CREW read-thru of the script the week before production. Have the crew play the different roles (Crew only, no cast). This way the Crew has gone through the whole story together at least once. A discussion should follow led by the producer(s). A crew read through is also a lot of fun. Make sure there’s food there…